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Saturday 14 June at 8:00 pm in the Templar Arts & Leisure Centre
(doors open 7:30pm for complimentary refreshments )


Cert: PG, 94 mins.


Based on the 2009 investigative book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith, “The Lost Child of Philomena Lee”, this film focuses on the efforts of Philomena Lee (Judi Dench), mother to a boy conceived out of wedlock (something of which her Irish-Catholic community didn’t have the highest opinion) and given away for adoption in the United States. In following church doctrine, she was forced to sign a contract that wouldn’t allow for any sort of inquiry into the son’s whereabouts. After starting a family years later in England and, for the most part, moving on with her life, Lee meets Sixsmith (Steve Coogan), a BBC reporter with whom she decides to discover her long-lost son.


…from The Guardian

Steve Coogan and Judi Dench make a terrific odd couple in this gripping account of the search for a long-lost child.
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…from The Telegraph

“Stephen Frears’s Philomena is both a bona fide crowd-pleaser and a drama of real intelligence,.”
…read the full review.

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