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La Nuit Américaine  (1973)

Considered one of François Truffaut’s best films, this comedy features in Time magazine’s Top 100 Films of the 20th century.
In 1974 it won a BAFTA for Best Film and an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Cert: 15; 112mins

Note: In the UK and USA the film was released under the title “Day for Night”, but we will screen the original French version (with sub-titles).


“La Nuit Américaine” was director François Truffaut’s loving and humorous tribute to the communal insanity of making a movie. The film details the making of a family drama called “Meet Pamela” about the tragedy that follows when a young Frenchman introduces his parents to his new British wife (played byJacqueline Bisset) . Truffaut gently satirizes his own films with “Meet Pamela”‘s overwrought storyline, but the real focus is on the chaos behind the scenes. One of the central actresses is continually drunk due to family problems, while the other is prone to emotional instability, and the male lead (Truffaut regular Jean-Pierre Leaud) starts to act erratically when his intermittent romance with the fickle script girl begins to fail. In addition to all this personal drama, the film is besieged by technical problems, from difficult tracking shots to stubborn animal actors.
Truffaut himself plays Ferrand, the harassed movie director.


…from Time Out

“It’s a hilarious and informative movie, and in the pantheon of films about filmmaking”
…read the full review.

…from The Guardian

“It is a breezy, richly enjoyable if not especially profound film about cinema.”
…read the full review.

Technical Note

In French, Nuit Américaine is a process whereby sequences filmed outdoors in daylight are shot using tungsten or infrared film stock and underexposed to appear as if they are taking place at night.  Day for Night is the equivalent English expression for the process.

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